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7 Ways Content Marketing Drives Revenue Growth

Posted by Sinead O Driscoll on 14-Aug-2017 14:13:25

Content marketing should be viewed and valued as a strategic business activity for any organisation.  It is fundamental to growing your online presence, adds value to your target audience and is a critical asset for generating revenue growth for many other reasons, some of which we will go through in this post.

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6 of the Best Tools for Digital Marketing Competitive Analysis

Posted by Sinead O Driscoll on 18-Jul-2017 13:30:30

In a recent post, 9 Steps to an Effective Competitive Analysis we went through 9 areas that businesses need to focus on when completing a competitive analysis for their digital marketing strategy. This post is dedicated to 6 of the best tools for digital marketing competitive analysis which you can use to support that process.


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9 Steps to an Effective Competitive Analysis for Your Marketing Strategy

Posted by Sinead O Driscoll on 22-May-2017 09:25:37

You have to know exactly what what you're up against if you want to get the edge on your competition. That's why completing an online competitive analysis should be a top marketing priority.  As a marketer, it's not enough to have in-depth knowledge of your competitor's products or services, you also need to know exactly how they are marketing these and what tactic's they are employing.

You need to be able to get your product or service in front of the right people quicker and more effectively than your competitor's. A well researched and carefully planned marketing strategy and plan is required in order to achieve this and your marketing strategy should be underpinned by a detailed competitive analysis.

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5 Marketing Books Every Marketer Must Read [+ Giveaway]

Posted by Sinead O Driscoll on 09-May-2017 08:39:57

Whether your a business owner, a senior executive or a member of a marketing team you know how important it is to keep up with the latest marketing trends and tactics.  But do you find it as hard as I do to actually get time to sit down and read a book?  

With jam packed day's, finding the time isn't easy.  But there's an alternative to actually picking up a book that may work for you - have you tried Audio Books?  These are great to listen to when you're driving to work, on the train or bus, on an airplane, or even when you're out for a jog or going for a walk.  They're an easy way to keep up to date when you can't physically pick up a book.  You can also find audio summaries of books if you want to check them out before reading (or listening to) the full version.

Reading just one book has the potential to have a huge impact on your career and even your life so it's worth finding some time to catch up on the good ones.   

The following are 5 marketing books that are well worth reading, some of which won't just help you with your business or career, but may also help your personal life.  (I've included some links to audio versions if you want to try these.)


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12 Effective Content Distribution and Promotion Tactics

Posted by Sinead O Driscoll on 04-May-2017 22:55:34

Companies continue to increase their content marketing budgets in an effort to generate more leads and attract new customers.   With increasing investment in content marketing it is even more important that the content you create gets to the right audience and you get the ROI from your efforts

Many companies create great content but fail miserably at content marketing.  In most cases the reason for this is that they fail to get their content in front of their intended audience.  Even with great SEO you need to take extra steps to make sure that you use the most effective content distribution and promotion tactics to ensure it is seen by the right people and shared by them too!  

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What are the Key Phases of Agile Marketing Projects?

Posted by Sinead O Driscoll on 25-Apr-2017 16:23:08

In our last article I wrote about the Benefits of Agile Marketing.  To recap the key benefits are :-

  • Respond quickly to changes
  • Better collaboration to prevent a 'single-person' approach
  • Produce faster higher value campaigns
  • Experiment with different ideas quickly to see what works
  • Justify marketing spend with hard facts.
  • Use input from other departments to strengthen marketing efforts 
  • Hit problems quicker and tweak faster

The purpose of this article is to explain at a high level what the key phases of an agile marketing project include so that you can get a better understanding of how the methodology works.

Companies who adopt this type of marketing approach will have their own variation of the  methodology that has been tailored and tweaked over time to suit their business. 

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Benefits of Agile Marketing

Posted by Sinead O Driscoll on 18-Apr-2017 16:10:28

I spent over 20 years working in the Software Development industry before starting Web Journey and during that time I used many different methodologies (and combinations) for managing and executing software development projects.  After spending many years using traditional waterfall approaches followed by more modern evolved methodologies, I soon learned that the Agile Methodology was the way to go in the majority of cases.  Projects were more successful, were delivered on time, stayed within their budgets and the client got exactly what they wanted.

Because I am a firm believer in the benefits of Agile and have seen the results you can achieve, we apply the same methodology and principles as a tactic for our own marketing as well as for our clients marketing here at Web Journey. Here are the key reasons why...

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10 Steps to Writing an Optimized Blog Post

Posted by Sinead O Driscoll on 29-Mar-2017 14:02:57

One of the challenges we hear from many companies is that they know they need a company blog to help address some of their challenges like boosting traffic or lead generation, but they are unsure about how to start or plan a blog.   We also hear from companies that have a blog, that they are struggling with it and that it's not getting the results that they thought it would and they don't know why.

Without a company blog you will lose out on the many benefits including opportunities for ranking, extending your reach on social media, building brand awareness, generating inbound leads and customers.

This post will provide some tips to get you thinking and will then take you through the key 10 steps to writing an optimized blog post.


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Why You Need to Make Blogging a Priority

Posted by Sinead O Driscoll on 27-Mar-2017 12:59:21


Blogging is one of the best marketing tactics that you can employ.  It's no longer a 'nice to have' for companies that really want to grow and get the edge in competitive markets.   It provides a multitude of benefits from lead generation to building brand awareness so if you don't currently have a blog its time you considered it.


B2B companies that blogged 11+ times per month had almost 3X more traffic than those blogging 0-1 times per month.

[Source: HubSpot]


In this article I'm going to go through the key reasons as to why you need to make blogging a priority for your company.  Providing helpful compelling content to your audience can have a huge impact and here's why...


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Sharpen your Marketing Campaigns by Following the Buyers Journey

Posted by Sinead O Driscoll on 20-Mar-2017 17:13:08


Using Buyer Personas is the first step to creating a successsful marketing strategy or campaign but you also need to fully understand your Buyers Journey and use it to plan your marketing strategy and associated campaigns.


70% of the buyer’s journey is complete before a buyer even reaches out to sales 

[Source: SiriusDecisions]


So if the buyer is spending 70% of their time researching a product or service, you need to understand what exactly it is they are doing and how you can help them during this time.


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